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about us

front.end is a creative technology agency, based in Portugal, that’s been around since mid 2000.

We are natural problem solvers. A group of creative designers and engineers with a unique hability of making the impossible simple, then real.

We create all kinds of custom-built digital solutions, like websites, ecommerce, mobile apps, interactive installations for brand activation or online software that suits a client's specific needs, and just about anything else you can think of that is digital and engaging.

Why they choose us?


Throughout 15 years of experience, we’ve watched the web & tech market grow.

From little sites to huge portals, ecommerce solutions and installations for brand activation, we’ve done it all. So now instead of calling ourselves young and dynamic, we’re the ones who think things through and know what they’re doing.

Innovation hability

Besides computers and mice, you may see us using welders, duct-tape and screwdrivers for our projects. Our developers step out of their comfort zone repeatedly to build new solutions that break the boundaries of computer screens.

Huge LED displays that answer questions asked via SMS, coin-op jukeboxes that lead the DJ in a night-club, a virtual grafitti system... we’ve done some pretty cool stuff.

Part of a strong group

Together with Sardinha Communication, we offer our clients an unprecedented array of services that far exceeds those of either a digital or a communication agency:

- Branding
- Marketing
- Advertising
- Graphic design
- Social media

our work

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Turnkey social promotions
With promothunder you can create social promotions in minutes, using your own design, with a wide array of features.
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Media content platform
Targeted at governments, the IpsisPress platform allows the media to manage and publish their content across all devices.
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Av. dos Estados Unidos da América
Nº 10, R/C - Letra E
1700-175 Lisboa

Phone: (+351) 218 952 147